About the BBW Pack

BIG BAG WOLF™ Howls to Save Wildlife with Every Stylish Wild Bag

Nowadays, it is always a boon to have both fashion and environmental sustainability in one backdrop, without one compromising the other. The combination, while promising to put your best foot forward and takes you to the cutting edge of fashion, also acts as a catalyst to saving the environment. Howling to do just that is Big Bag Wolf™ and their avant-garde Wild-Sized Bags for the Wildlife!

100% handmade in the Philippines, Big Bag Wolf’s Wild Bags sport a dramatic, Bohemian feel, designed as they are in an earthy, hippie, and literally wild fashion with its basic colors and sizes, fit for equally exotic adventures. Tailored to be worn on the body in different ways, it also promises comfort and style to the free-spirited, not only in the Philippines but also to all individuals around the globe.

Lunar in Brown

3-in-1 Wild Bags can be worn either as a shoulder bag, backpack or folded-top style. This is Lunar in Brown (3-in-1 Wild Bag)

With bags named and designed after phases of the moon, Full Moon Bags are also available.

Full Moon in Brown

Full Moon in Brown

Not only are the Wild Bags of high fashion and of world-class quality, the bags also serve a purpose to the environment which astonishes with its magnitude. Calling themselves the Earth Guardians, their mission is to plant 5 trees for every purchase of 1 wild bag and now an active supporter of PARTNERS FOR FOREST Project. Currently, BBW has been able to establish 6.25 hectares of rainforestration area and plant 1,930 Native Species here in the Philippines.

Eclipse in Brown

Eclipse in Brown (2-in-1 Wild Bag)

Big Bag Wolf™ aims to focus their mission here in the Philippines by partnering with Foundation for the Philippine Environment (FPE) proving their no-nonsense, firm decision to help wildlife.

For more information, you can check out their Facebook page at or their website at Big Bag Wolf™ or call 0945-834-7925.

Written by Chin Sanigan (Philippine Primer PH)
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All images courtesy of Big Bag Wolf™